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Six shipsets of cable laying vessel, built in Keppel Hitachi: Spiral ducts, fittings, fire damper, cabin unit, Galley hood, outfitting (mushroom, gooseneck, water-tight louver).
Two shipsets of Semi submersible drilling unit (Oil Rig), built in Jurong Shipyard: Spiral ducts, fittings, shut off dampers, outfitting (mushroom, gooseneck, water-tight louver), galley hood, stainless steel plate 316L, stainless steel 316L ducts,
Four shipsets of 2600 TEU container vessel, built in Jurong Shipyard: Fire damper c/w ABS cert, Stainless Steel punka louver, Diffuser, Louver, galley hood
Four shipsets of FPSO conversion, Keppel Tuas: Spiral ducts & fittings, cabin units, fire damper c/w motorize control, ABS cert.
M/V MAXITA FPSO conversion, Sembawang Shipyard: Spiral ducts & fittings, cabin units c/w heater inside, fire damper
M/V SWEDVIG T-4,Malaysia Shipyard Engineering: Fire damper c/w 24v shut off, ABS cert
M/V GREY WARRIOR, Keppel Shipyard: Fire damper c/w 24v shut off, ABS cert
R265 PROJECT SERES-Batam: Fire damper c/w BV cert
INDEXCOOL -SOME: Spiral ducts, fire damper, cabin units
M/V JASCON5 Piping Laying Barge, Sembawang Shipyard: spiral ducts & fittings, cabin units, water-tight louver, water-tight fan cover, mist eliminators c/w water-tight cover, acoustic lover c/w water-tight cover, valve, seamless pipeline & fittings
BP SHAT DENIZ gas export project, Keppel FELS: spiral ducts & fittings, heat shrink tapes
Hull 837, 838, 844, 845, 848, 849, 857 Anchor Handing Supply Vessel, Jaya Shipbuilding, EREKOM: Spiral ducts & fittings, cabin units, fire damper, cool room panel & shelf, fan & coaming
Four shipsets of barge-SIM, Batam Labroy Shipyard: Spiral ducts & fittings
NAN HAI contain vessel, Jurong Shipyard: Cabin units, cool room panel, cool room shelf, punka louver, galley hood,
NINA oil tank, Jurong Shipyard: Cabin units, fire dampers
BATAM-UNITECH: Spiral ducts & fittings
HANSEN Marine: Fire dampers, valve
JASCON 8 piping laying vessel built in South Africa, INDEXCOOL: Spiral ducts & fittings, diffuser boxes.
B259, B265 oil rig built in KEPPLE FELS, ATWIN MARINE: Water tight louvers, shut off dampers, exhaust louver.
Oil rig built in PPL shipyard, HARVE AIRCON: Diffuser box c/w heater.
Sapura3000 pipe laying vessel, built in NanTong YaHua Shipyard, Sembawang shipyard: seamless pipes and fittings.
SERES HVAC: TNH-I diffuser boxes, punka louver, 4way diffuser,
SERES HVAC: Duct profile and corner piece.
SERES HVAC: Turbine worm mechanisms
B261 SAFE CONCORDIA, KEPPLE FELSE, SERES HVAC: Spiral ducts and fittings.
VAT767/772, VIKING AIRTECH: Spiral ducts and fittings, punka louver, diffuser, egg crate, grille.
VAT748/749, VIKING AIRTECH: Spiral ducts and fittings.
VAT794, VIKING AIRTECG: Spiral ducts and fittings.
VAT709/710, VIKING AIRTECH: Motorize fire dampers, louvers, diffusers.
HARVE: P2005 PROJECT: Spiral ducts & fittings.
TRIDENT OFFSHORE, M/V BERGE ENTERPRISE: Spiral ducts & fittings, diffuser box c/w heater, silencers, Punka Louver, Flexible Hose.
TRIDENT OFFSHORE, M/V BGP PIONEER: Spiral ducts & fittings.
JMA, Jurong Shipyard: TNHR, Diffuser box c/w heater
JMA, Jurong Shipyard: Auto/Manual, Pneumatic Fire damper
SERES HVAC: Turbine Worm Mechanisms
SERES HVAC: Stainless steel spiral ducts & fittings
SERES HVAC: ASTM standard flange
SAPURA 3000 PIPE LAYING VESSEL: Built in Sembawang shipyard: Electric shut-off dampers, water-tight louver c/w hatch cover, Jalousie louver, Fan cover
Two ship sets of Anchor Handing Supply Vessel, Jaya Shipbuilding, EREKOM: Spiral ducts & fittings, cabin units, fire damper,
OIL RIG built in Keppel Fels, ATWIN MARIN: Diffuser boxes c/w heater
JMA, Jurong Shipyard: pneumatic shut-off dampers, fire dampers
VIKING AIRTECH: Diffusers, Grilles.
VIKING AIRTECH built in GuaZhou International shipyard: Diffuser, Fire dampers
SERES HVAC: Stainless steel 4-way diffuser
FarEast Air-Conditioning & Ecectrical SARAWAK: Auto/Manual fire dampers
EREKOM Pte Ltd, 6 ship sets of Anchor Handing Vessel built in JAYA Batam yard: Spiral ducts & fittings, cabin units, fire damper,
Viking Airtech, Oil rig built in Kepple Fels : Diffuse box & Punka Louver, Fire damper, Air grille, Duct mate,
Arotech Pte Ltd: Duct mate,
HARVE Air-conditioning: Oil rig built in PPL: Diffuser box, Pneumatic shut-off damper,
Power Vision: Duct Mate,
Sembawang shipyard: Spiral ducting & diffuser box,
YongChuan Metal: Date Mate,
Trident offshore, Aoka Mixu built in Sembawang: Fire damper, Duct mate, Jalousie Louver, Pressure relief damper, Non-return damper, Balance Damper, Shut-off damper.
Jurong Shipyard: Vacuum pump for the sand blasting vacuum system.
Sembawang Shipyard, Pipe laying vessel: Jalousie louver & Motorized shut off damper, weather-tight covers for axial fan,
JKS Engineering, Malaysia: Fire Damper
Jurong Shipyard: 10 units of Dehumidifier units,
Seres HVAC, Oil rig built in Keppel Fels: Stainless steel spiral ducts, Fire dampers,
Paeleck Metal: Duct Mate,
Marine Engineering: Duct Mate,
Vent-tech: Duct Mate,
JL Marine: Duct mate,
DSL Engineering: Duct Mate, Spiral ducts,
LH&MH: Spiral ducting, Cabin units,
UNITECH: Fire damper, date mate, diffuser box,
Seres HVAC: Copper tube, Brazing Rod,
Cool Air marine: Spiral duct, Fire damper, diffuser box,
Rock Marine: Motorized shut-off damper, Weather tight louver,
Jurong Shipyard: 10 units of Vacuum System,
Winzone Engineering: Fire damper, Diffuser box,
Jurong Machinery Automation: Diffuser box, Ozone generator,
Fong Tech: Duct Mate,
H&H: Fire damper, Diffuser box, Spiral ducting & fittings, Volume Control Damper,
Novenco Singapore: Duct mate,
JL Marine: Mist Eliminator, Duct heater,
Sea2Sea International: Three ship sets of Anchor Handle Vessel built in ASL shipyard, Fire damper, Mushroom, Gooseneck, Watertight louver,
Arotech Engineering: Offshore platform in Thailand, Owner Chevron, Fire damper, shut-off damper, panel, fire door, modular toilet,
SZ Marine, Malaysia Engineering & Shipbuilding: Fire dampers,
Jurong Shipyard: Vacuum pump bearing,
Jurong Machinery & Automation: Fire damper,
Dyna Mac: Diffuser box, Duct heater
Trident Offshore: Diffuser box
Segari Oil & Gas And Marine: Marine Accommodation Panel, Rockwool Insulation

JiangXi GuiXi Power Plant 2x300MW: Hastelloy alloy pipeline, Nozzle
TongLiao Power Plant 1x600MW: SIC Tangential Nozzle
JinQiao Power Plant 2x300MW: SIC Helix Nozzle
Shanxi YongJi Power Plant 2x300MW: SIC helix Nozzle
LiaoNing FuXing Power Plant 2x200MW: SIC Tangential Nozzle, SS Nozzle
HeNan XinXiang YuBei Power Plant: Hastelloy alloy pipeline, Nozzle
SiChuan DouBa Power Plant 2x100MW: SIC Helix Nozzle
ChongQing HeChuan Power Plant 2x300MW: SIC Helix Nozzle
ChongQing JiuLong Power Plant West Phase: Alloy pipeline, Filter net
YangLiuQing Power Plant: Electric Butterfly Valve, SS Nozzle
TianJin PanShan Power Plant: Electric Butterfly Valve
ShiJiaZhuang Power Plant: SS Nozzle
WuLaShan Power Plant: Electric Butterfly Valve
GuangDong ZhuJiang Power Plant: Electric Butterfly Valve
GuangDong HeYuan Power Plant: Electric Butterfly Valve
GuangDong YunFu Power Plant 2x125MW, 2x135MW: SIC Helix Nozzle
FuJian NingDe Power Plant: Electric Butterfly Valve
BeiJing HuaNeng Power Plant: SIC Helix Nozzle, SS Nozzle
AnHui TianJi Power Plant 2x600MW: SIC Helix Nozzle
AnHui HuaiNan PinWu Power Plant : SIC Tangential Nozzle, Alloy pipeline, Filter net
AnHui XuanCheng Power Plant: Electric Butterfly Valve
NeiMengGu FengZhen Power Plant: Electric Butterfly Valve
HuoLingHe Power Plant 2x600MW: SIC Helix Nozzle, Electric Butterfly Valve, Alloy pipeline, Filter net
HaiKou Power Plant 2x125MW: SS Nozzle
ZheJiang YuHuan Power Plant: Alloy pipeline, SS Nozzle
Shanghai WaiGaoQiao Power Plant 2x300MW: SIC Helix Nozzle
Shanghai WuJing Power Plant 2x300MW: SIC Helix Nozzle
Shanghai BaoSteel Group: Pneumatic Alloy butterfly valve
ShiJiaZhuang Power Plant: SIC Helix Nozzle
ShanDong LiaoCheng Power Plant 2x600MW: SIC Helix Nozzle
ShanDong HeZhe Power Plant: SS Nozzle
LiaoNing DongFang Power Plant: SIC Tangential Nozzle
JiNing BaiCheng Power Plant 2x600MW: SIC Tangential Nozzle

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